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. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: they've taken tripoli, but libyan rebels still have not found the dictator they have overthrown. moammar gadhafi. his spokesman insisted the erratic colonel is still in libya and he was heard on radio. go out to the streets and fight, gadhafi encouraged his supportiers. nato cannot continue, he said. the bombardment will not harm you. in ten locations around the capital, gadhafi loyalists were reported firing on rebels. and there was this grim scene. 30 bodies found in a pro-gadhafi camp. some men had been handcuffed and executed. tripoli is moving toward chaos. no one is in command. from benghazi to tnc, the rebel council, requested united nation's peace keepers. the u.s. government said good idea. >> we will look favorably at police support requests that come from the tnc to the u.n. the u.n. will have the lead, but we will look at how the u.s. can help. >> reporter: gadhafi's compound was ransacked, but the rest of tripoli now is it not like baghdad. >> this doesn't seem to be a lot of looting taking place, a breakdown of order now,
are in. and that deadline, of course, is tomorrow. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with the latest. hey, steve. >> reporter: wendy and barbara, thanks, good evening. here on capitol hill today, vice president biden was saying this crisis is over. that americans can now turn their attention again to job creation. if, he said, if this agreement passes. [ banging gavel ] >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: can speaker john boehner get enough republicans to say yes to the debt ceiling deal? boehner hassling to do. many in the tea party will vote no. >> the problem isn't the debt ceiling. it's the debt. >> reporter: some liberal house democrats will vote no. >> there's no balance. there are no revenues. god forbid would he ask, as the republicans call them, the job creators, the millionaires and billionaires, to pay anything. >> reporter: the compromised plan would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away. form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.5 trillion in savings by november. if congress fails to act on those recommendations this year, broad spending cut
to leave interest rates at all time low. steve handlesman joins us live from capitol hill. what a day, steve? >> it was a day, barbara. at least the market ends up higher which makes the fed look a little better in the eyes of a lot of its critics. the fed many believe not a lot more it could do. basically said to the politicians in washington, up here on the hill, down here at the white house, you've got two years to fix the u.s. economy and we'll stand aside. >> the stock markets were bouncing back a day after the big drop. as federal reserve policy makers met in washington and decided against new intervention. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two more years and not buy more u.s. bonds. the markets, disappointed immediately dropped. >> anything the fed could do would have a marginal consequence. >> president obama was at the airport to greet the remains of those involved in the firefight over the weekend. >> president obama and the democrats have almost doubled the national debt in five years. >> reporter: the president made matters worse yesterday. >> an
, and appears to be the front runner. steve handelsman is in des moines with the latest on the race. >> reporter: iowa republican front-runner michele bachmann came to a plant near des moines flagging that unlike many in her party, she opposed raising the debt ceiling. >> let me tell you why all these terrible things happen. washington has been turning our money into monopoly money. so let's have a president. i want to be that president who makes government down into something manageable, so that all of you can have better lives. >> reporter: iowa polls put bachmann a few points ahead of mitt romney. he was in iowa today for the first time since may. >> my priority is creating jobs. >> reporter: romney is focusing elsewhere. tim pawlenty is counting on iowa, selling his record of budget balancing as the governor of minnesota next door. >> when candidates come through iowa, you need to make sure that they're ready for the job before you catapult them towards the white house and the oval office. >> reporter: but pawlenty is not in the catapult, pulling a weak third. he needs a turn-around in this
to blame him for the jobless rate. steve handelsman has the latest. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: his job could be in jeopardy. president obama came to a county fair in illinois beaten down by the deficit fight you can the downgrade and especially by high unemployment. >> there are some things that we could be doing right now to put our neighbors and our friends, some family members took work. >> reporter: in a september speech after his vacation, the president will lay out a plan to build new schools, bridges and roads. >> and all those folk hose got laid off from construction because the economy went south or the house bubble burst, they are dying for work. >> reporter: obama jobs plan will include extending the payroll tax cuts he pushed through in '09, more infrastructure construction project and help for the long-term unemployed. and he will propose a new deficit reduction plan 4 trillion in cut, not just 1.5 trillion, tax hikes on the well off and entitlement reform. deficit cuts would help pay for jobs programs. sounds good to democrat ann crow. she is unemployed. >> so that's
-runner, but as steve handelsman reports, the man polling second aricht just in time to kick off an annual state institution. >> reporter: day one of the iowa state fair in des moines. lots of stuff to eat and see. like the butter cow. life-size. made of butter. and fried butter. this is fried butter. here at the iowa state fair. and politicians. mitt romney in iowa today. his first visit back here since may. >> good to see you. thanks for being here today. >> reporter: romney has been focusing on fund-raising, and on new hampshire. >> back in iowa, what's the iowa plan, sir? >> good to be here. thank you. work hard and win. >> reporter: it was hard today for the former massachusetts governor. >> hang on a second. hold on a second. i'll let you speak. >> reporter: hecklers gave rockne a warmup for tonight's debate. >> ready for an answer? i'm not going to raise taxes. that's my answer. i'm not going to raise taxes. and if you want somebody that can raise taxes, you can vote for barack obama. >> reporter: other major candidates tonight, michele bachmann, whose breakthrough came at the last debate
obama. meanwhile, two other potential candidates may be shifting the limelight. steve handelsman is in ames with an explanation. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: is she a party crasher? sarah palin showed up to enjoy the iowa spotlight, the day between the debate and the straw poll, saying she is still considering a run. but palin is being overshadowed by another conservative icon, who has decided. texas governor rick perry will declare tomorrow in south carolina, saying, according to a draft, the change we seek will never emanate out of washington. it will come from the wind swept prairies of middle america, the hearts and minds of god-fearing americans. perry hosted an evangelical california rally last weekend. >> father, our heart breaks for america. >> reporter: perry's christian conservatism could have powerful appeal in iowa. >> he could get the energy going among social conservatives maybe a little better than tim pawlenty can or mitt romney can. >> reporter: perry and michele bachmann will compete for the same tea party voters. >> as president of the united states, i'll
. and while congress managed to avoid a default, investors worldwide are still jittery. steve handelsman has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: a victory lunch, the day after the federal government avoided default. president obama took white house staffers out for burgers to thank them for working long hours. then thanked his cabinet for helping craft a deal on the debt. >> we have now averted what could have been a disastrous blow to the economy. >> reporter: but u.s. stock markets opened lower. world markets fell. europe and asia, to their lowest levels this year. not fearing the debt agreement signed by the president was too small and short-term. in fact, the opposite. that $1 trillion in spending cuts will hurt the u.s. economy. even though the cuts are delayed to prevent that. now, a house/senate super committee has to find deeper deficit reduction. >> hopefully, we can all come to the table and sanity and balance will prevail. >> reporter: but defense secretary panetta warned, deeper pentagon cuts are completely unacceptable. house democrats say no to deepen titlement cuts. most repu
with all the republican front runners in the 2012 race for the white house. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: he came to the midwest on air force one, but the president took a bus, not a chopper. and showed up in cannon falls, minnesota, without a tie. barack obama, back in campaign mode. >> i'm not here just to enjoy the nice weather. i'm here to enlist you in a fight. >> reporter: his beef is with republicans who he blamed for our near default and s&p downgrade. >> you've got to send a message to washington that it's time for the games to stop. >> reporter: but the debt ceiling fight drove the president's approval to an all-time low. 39% in yesterday's gallup tracking poll. back up to 41% today. he was at 51% approval on june 1st. mit mom rom me, rick perry and michele bachmann are encouraged by the sudden obama slide. >> that is not because he's not campaigning. it's because he's not leading. the american people need a president who will lead this economy back to vitality. >> reporter: romney campaigned in new hampshire, his strongest early primary state. rick perry was in io
's whereabouts are still unknown. and there are questions about what kind of nation libya might now become. steve handelsman has our story. [ honking ] >> reporter: the rebels and their many sympathiers. what they want is moammar gadhafi. there is no indication the colonel has left libya, and gadhafi was defiant in a radio broadcast, not giving up, even though three of his sons were captured. president obama applauded the rebel victory and pressured the dictat dictator. >> although it's clear that gadhafi's rule is over, he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of libya. >> reporter: after six months, the breakthrough came yesterday. they streamed into tripoli, helped by some of the heaviest nato air strikes. the u.s. is still only flying surveillance missions, letting other nations take the more costly, dangerous roles. that was the obama pl. no repeat of iraq. >> i actually think that he's going to get enormous credit for having negotiated a position that was supported by the entire arab world, the entire international community. >
own party. as steve handelsman reports, martha's vineyard has suddenly become not just an island, but an issue. >> reporter: few said, "have a nice vacation" as president obama left washington for martha's vineyard. ten days with his family on the scenic, exclusive island off massachusetts. where he went last year. barack obama has taken less time off at this point in his presidency, 61 days, than ronald reagan's 112 days, and george bush's 180 days. democrat john lewis. >> we all need a break from time to time. >> reporter: but on the viney d vineyard? republicans say that's obama. >> he's aloof, and he's not in touch with the american people. >> reporter: the gop website's offering obama get-away cards. one mocking his approval rating. in fact, the obama number this week on the economy is just 26% approval. this was atlanta today. see that huge, long line? it was people at an employment fair. >> i'm just out here trying to find me a job to support me and my son. >> i look for a job every day. and every day for the past four months and no luck. >> reporter: african-american lea
in an emergency. steve handelsman takes a look at it all. >> reporter: in minnesota mineral, virginia today, they're cleaning up. at the nearby north end and nuclear plant, they're working on why a generator failed. three others kicked in to keep the reactors cool as they shut down. to the north in washington, d.c., schools are closed for safety inspections. so is the smithsonian castle, and some federal buildings. and the washington monument. it suffered at least one crack. >> curious. i'm not sure i can see where the crack is, though. >> reporter: one is up on the pointed part. an engineering team is on the way. >> and they will take whatever amount of time they need, but they're going to do a structural analysis of the crack. >> reporter: the national cathedral is being checked for cracks. statues fell from the pinnacles. feeling the shaking, ten years after 9/11, some in d.c. assumed a terrorist attack. >> i felt some crashing on the building or something like that. >> reporter: so terrorism? >> yeah. >> reporter: the cell phone networks got jammed. if the earthquake were a test, how did d.c.
'm barbara harrison. pat and jim are off this evening. we're going right to steve handlesman who is on capitol hill now. >> reporter: thanks. in addition to what brian and sue and chuck have reported, know this. that president obama and when he spoke to the nation today, tried to look on the bright side, saying that the downgrade, which he disputes, and by extension, today's terrible down day in the world markets, could have a bright side if it helps to break the deadlock here on capitol hill. in his first reaction since standard & poor's downgraded u.s. bonds late friday, president obama rejected the aa-plus rating. >> no matter what some agency may say, we've always been and always will be a aaa country. >> reporter: but u.s. stock markets dropped sickenly. the dow up 600 by mid afternoon. european stocks at two-yearlies. gold was up to an all-time high, $1700, a sign investors are scared. by last week's debt ceiling deal, not big or bold enough. >> no one touched entitlement spending, no one fundamentally touched tax reform. so until republicans and democrats show an ounce of
. today is not elvis' birthday. i'm steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. >>> virginia attorney general is looking ahead to decision 2014. he told the washington post today he's considering a run for the u.s. senate. that would possibly pit him in a race against mark warner. cuginelli has said he expects to run for re-election as attorney general or run for virginia governor. >>> when we continue, time-outs work for kids, would they work for couples trying to save their marriages? >>> hot 9.5's kane joins us with a story they're talking about. >>> a man shocks his girlfriend with a surprise wedding, that he planned all by himself. that has mistake written all over it. >>> find out how investing a few minutes a day can add years to your life. >>> the husband of one of the real housewives of beverly hills has apparently committed suicide. russell armstrong hanged himself yesterday. his estranged wife filed for divorce last month. he also accused him of physically abusing her. he denied it but literally pushed us to the limit. their daughter kennedy is five years old. >>> burt reynolds cou
infection. >> reporter: in a statement and on its website, cargill's president, steve bullardson said it is regrettable that people may have become ill from eating one of our ground turkey products. and for anyone who did, we are truly sorry. food safety advocates say the very young and old are especially vulnerable. >> their immune systems aren't equipped to be able to handle the onslaught of the bacteria. so they need to be especially careful. >> reporter: caution is also advi advised for all others, and some shoppers are already vigilant. >> it becomes such a huge personal responsibility. >> reporter: the cdc says this particular strain of salmonella is resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics, making treatment difficult. chris clackum, nbc news. >> well, tongue turning now to the weather. >> we have been lucky. it's been nice outside. >> it hasn't been the kind of heat we've had for so many days, so many weeks. that we haven't had. but, you know, there are some folks who are still going to complain. they don't like the cloud cover. but okay, we're going to have clouds st
politics? i'm steve handlesman. news4, capitol hill. >>> unemployment is on the rise across the region. last month, the jobless rate in d.c. climbed to 10. %. that's much higher than the national average of 9.1%. in maryland, even though 8,000 new jobs were created in july, unemployment still fell to 7.2%. and in virginia, the unemployment rate went up for the first time in a year. it's now at 6.1%. >>> another person has died after that stage collapse at the indiana state fair over the weekend. a senior died from her injuries, bringing the death toll to six. also, the first wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of 42-year-old tammy van damme and her family. she leaves behind a 17-year-old daughter. there were also several lawsuits in the works on behalf of those injured in the accident. >>> i-295 in southeast washington has reopened following a motorcycle crash that sent a secret service agent to the hospital. it happened in the northbound lanes of i-295 this morning. the roadway was closed for hours while police investigated. the officer was taken by helicopter to a local hospit
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